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I am just localizing a Rails app for the first time and I wonder if there's a shorter way to say this:

flash[:success] = t('.views.person.flash_messages.person_was_successfully_updated')

This is an excerpt of my de.yml file:

        person_was_successfully_updated: "Person aktualisiert."

I would looove to say something like this:

flash[:success] = t('person_was_successfully_updated')

But Rails is giving me an error, when I try to do so.

I don't understand why because person_was_successfully_updated is absolutely unique in my .yml file and I don't see the need for typing in the entire path every time. This is not very DRY either.

Any ideas?

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I would looove to say something like this

If you want to call person_was_successfully_updated directly then you should put that in first level. i.e., under de:..

But Rails is giving me an error, when I try to do so.

Yes it will definitely give error because there is no person_was_successfully_updated in root level.

For more info.

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OK, thanks. I just wanted to re-confirm... – Tintin81 Jan 27 '13 at 22:41

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