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For my school project, we were asked to use a makefile.microsoft with cygwin to compile our file etc.

But when I did that, cygwin complains saying that cl command is not found. I've tried many ways but when I am settle with cl command, it says that no include path set.

I've no idea what it was complaining about, and hope someone could tell me a way to deal with it once and for all.

(ps. I have both microsoft visual studio v10 and 11 installed, so I should have all the stuff needed to compile but apparently its not helping =( )

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The Makefile tells Cygwin to use the MSVC command-line compiler on the sources, but that -- cl.exe -- is not included in the PATH by default. Several other environment variables necessary for correct operation also have to be set.

You have two options:

1) In the start menu, under "Microsoft Visual Studio \ Visual Studio Tools", you will find several entries along the lines of "Visual Studio Command Line". Pick the one you want, and it will open a DOS box with the environment appropriately set.

2) Visual Studio provides a batch file, <Path_to_MSVS>\VC\vcvarsall.bat. You call it with the desired target platform as parameter, e.g. VC\vcvarsall.bat amd64, and it sets the environment appropriately. Use the environment variable VS100COMNTOOLS (for Visual Studio 10, adjust number accordingly if using another version) to find that batch file. Note, however, that in Unix shells, a called script cannot set variables of the calling environment. Personally, I have my bash scripts set up a .bat file with the call to vcvarsall.bat and the to-be-executed command (in your case this would be make), and then execute that .bat through cmd /c <batchfile>.

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