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I need to update an old dll file that was written in VC6 by a former collegue. I have never worked with VC6.

I don't want to update the project to VC2010 because I am afraid that I might get into real trouble in regards of dependencies.

I tried to compile the old project in VC6 now, but the compiler states that there 20 errors.

So far so good, but I just don't see where the errors are, and the info that there are 20 errors do not get me any further.

Is there a way to have VC6 tell me where exactely the compilation errors are?

Thank you.

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As a side note, if you are dealing with VC6 on a daily basis as I do too, I have found these tools useful. wholetomato.com and daffodil.codeplex.com. If you use daffodil, I think in theory it could help make an upgrade to pure 2010+ much easier. –  nagates Jun 27 at 21:11

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I got it now. I played around with Clean, Compile All, then Clean again and Compile All again, and finally (after a few rounds) the compiler did not only state that there WERE errors but also which errors/where they are.

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