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i dont know what to put after the bracket of the list item class, so their is an error saying

expression expected

This is the code:

Dim NewEntry As New ListItem(CostOfGame & " " & Ps3Games & " " & GameID & " " & IsTheGameInStock & " " &)

Also, can you please explain to me what list item does in simple terms as i still dont understand it?

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You have an extra '&' at the end of your expression. It should just be:

Dim NewEntry As New ListItem(CostOfGame & " " & Ps3Games & " " & GameID & " " & IsTheGameInStock & " ") 

As to what a ListItem is and what it does, see the documentation. I suspect, though that an answer that you want is a little broader and beyond the scope of this site.

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thankyou for the answer, I cant believe it was so simple – user1944225 Jan 26 '13 at 17:06

You have an extra ampersand in there (the last one):

... IsTheGameInStock & " " &)
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thankyou for your answer – user1944225 Jan 26 '13 at 17:06

It means you are using syntax in an incomplete fashion. For math, you are forgetting to use an equal sign "=" on the line throwing the exception. You are forgetting to say for example

Dim x As Single

x = Math.Sqrt(16)

but you are doing something like


or you do are something like


instead of

If InStr(string,"hello")>0 Then
End IF
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