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I am trying to build the Raptor RDF Syntax Library.

I can successfully install it using homebrew but would like to build from source instead.


LIBTOOLIZE=/usr/bin/glibtoolize ./autogen.sh 
autogen.sh: Looking for programs: automake aclocal autoconf autoheader libtoolize gtkdocize
autogen.sh: automake program 'automake' V 011200 (min 011102) in /usr/bin
autogen.sh: aclocal program 'aclocal' V 011200 (min 011102) in /usr/bin
autogen.sh: autoconf program 'autoconf' V 026900 (min 026200) in /usr/local/bin
autogen.sh: autoheader program 'autoheader' V 026900 (min 026200) in /usr/local/bin
autogen.sh: libtoolize program '/usr/bin/glibtoolize' V 020210 (min 020200) in environment
autogen.sh: gtkdocize program '' V 0 (min 010300) in 
autogen.sh: ERROR: You must have `gtkdocize' installed to compile this package.
     (version 010300 or newer is required)

gtkdocize seems to be a Linux program though. How do I get around this?

Thanks, and apologies for the rather noobish question.

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You should build it from a released tarball since that way you don't have to deal with the autotools suite. It's also a tested and supported tarball. The latest is always linked from the Raptor Home Page

However, if you want to do the autotools route you will need things like gtkdocize. It can be found in the gtk-doc-tools package (Debian), gtk-doc (Redhat) and gtk-doc (homebrew on OSX)

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Could you please elaborate what is meant by "gtk-doc (homebrew on OSX)". My ./autogen.sh currently fails for librdf because gtkdocize is absent. I've tried compiling it from sources, but this leads to several other (apparently hard-to-resolve) dependencies. Isn't there a precompiled distribution of gtk-doc (or even librdf) for OS X (still 10.7.5 in my case) available somewhere and what package management software would give access to it? Thx much. –  Drux May 6 '13 at 10:10
the utility 'gtkdocize' is part of the GTK Doc Tools software package. The package name varies and if you use OSX Homebrew, the package you need is gtk-doc. So you need to brew install gtk-doc and then gtkdocize will be installed. –  dajobe May 7 '13 at 15:58

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