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I'm trying to over-ride the default layout template of Categories list within the Module


The reason for that is to be able to display the images associated with each category which is set in the params of each category.

The code that I found to show those images is


But it's not working, any ideas?

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The "official" way would be to use something like this within the foreach ($list as $item) :

$params = new JRegistry();
$image = $params->get('image');
if ($image) : ?>
    <img src="<?php echo $image; ?>" />
<?php endif; ?>

But you code should work as well. At least it does when I tested it locally. The code I posted would allow you to set a default value for the param. Like $params->get('image', 'foo/bar.png');. Other than that it does about the same.

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