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All version of IE adds "undefined" string top of the content which is loaded with $.post(JSON). That is to say, I click link. It redirects to php file. Content is loaded and fetched as JSON and is displayed. There is no problem about it. Only in IE, content is displayed but also display "undefined" string before content.

NOTE : In requested php file, data is send with json_encode().

My juery code is :

    var letter= $(this).text();
    $.post("http://localhost/ajax.php/", {letter:letter},function(data) {
       var listdata;
       $.each(data, function(i,item) {
            listdata += "<tr>";
            listdata += "<td>"+item.book_name+"</td>";
            listdata += "<td>""</td>";
            listdata += "</tr>";

My html code is :

<div id="letters">
  <span class="letter">A</span>
  <span class="letter">B</span>
  <span class="letter">C</span>
  <span class="letter">D</span>
<h3>My Books </h3>
<table id="result"> </table>

In IE browser, display like :

My Books 

| Science and Tec | Author1 |
| Web Development | Author2 |  

How can I solve this IE problem?

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You have to initialize listdata to an empty string var listdata = ''; by default it is undefined.

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Thank you very much. I could not think that. It works. – kalaba2003 Jan 26 '13 at 18:11

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