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Guys urgent help needed!

Well I ve a mysql database which has more than 158,000 records and there are some duplicate datas in it. I wish to list these duplicate datas To be more clear what exactly I'm looking for is:

the mysql table name is postal. and the columns are id, street, zipcode, locality and city

  1. id:1, zipcode: 123456, street: street1, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  2. id:2, zipcode: 123456, street: street2, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  3. id:3, zipcode: 123456, street: street3, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  4. id:4, zipcode: 123457, street: street4, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  5. id:5, zipcode: 123458, street: street5, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  6. id:6, zipcode: 166666, street: street6, locality: locality26, city: cityDE

  7. id:7, zipcode: 177777, street: street7, locality: locality38, city: cityEF

These values are allowed! This is a rough sketch of the datas that have been entered into mysql db table: postal

Same zipcodes(eg: id=1,2,3) will have different street values but only one locality name is allowed for them. Also different zipcodes(eg: id=3,4,5) may or may not have different locality. Please don't get much confused about this. The problem I am facing is, I have found some record like these:

  1. id:11, zipcode: 111111, street: street1, locality: locality1, city: cityA

  2. id:25, zipcode: 111111, street: street2, locality: locality2, city: cityA

  3. id:56, zipcode: 111111, street: street3, locality: locality3, city: cityA

You can notice that same zipcode(eg: id=11,25,56) is having entirely different locality values, which is not allowed. Only one locality value is permissible for same zipcode.

Kindly suggest me the sql query string for filtering out zipcode containing different locality values. Please not there are more than 150,000 records.

NB: I am not asking for sql query which can sort the values according to pincode, I am looking for a way to find zipcode having different locality values.

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Calm down. Those exclamation marks are making me nervous. 150,000 records are not really that big for a database. – Antony Jan 26 '13 at 18:07

Try this:

    COUNT(DISTINCT(locality)) > 1
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I am not asking for sql query which can sort the values according to pincode, I am looking for a way to find zipcodes containing different locality values – Ganesh Jan 26 '13 at 18:14
have edited my query, kindly check – Sashi Kant Jan 26 '13 at 18:18
bhai, this one is just giving me just one result that too displaying localities with same zipcode. I need a list which displays localities with different codes – Ganesh Jan 26 '13 at 18:24
ab check kar... – Sashi Kant Jan 26 '13 at 18:30
bhai, it's not working. anyway thanks :) – Ganesh Jan 26 '13 at 18:36
SELECT id,locality,zipcode,locality,city
FROM postal t1

SELECT id,locality,zipcode,locality,city
FROM postal t2
WHERE t2.id <> t1.id
AND t2.zipcode = t1.zipcode
AND t2.locality != t1.locality
LIMIT 0,30

helped me to sort this one out.! now its working!

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