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I know there is a simple solution for this but I have no idea how to implement it.

I'm looking for how to implement the answer rather than what I need to do. Half the answer is already on this page: Xtext cross referencing and scoping

My problem is with the grammar below:

    "DOMAINMODEL" name=ID "{"
        "ENTITYS" "{"

    name=ID "{"

    StringAttribute | NumberAttribute | ImageAttribute;

    "STRING" name=ID;

    "NUMBER" name=ID;

    "IMAGE" name=ID;

// Relationship = [new table name] : [shared key name] -> ref_table(ref_id)
    name=ID ":" newEntityName=ID "->" refEntityName=[Entity|ID]"("refName=[Attribute|ID]")"; // <- Problem here

When I write the model, I cannot get the "refName=[Attribute|ID]" to reference to attributes inside an entity. In the code below

DOMAINMODEL auctionHouse{

          NUMBER id0
          NUMBER lotNo
          STRING name
          STRING priceEstimate
          STRING description
          NUMBER id1
          NUMBER date
          STRING description
          NUMBER id2
          STRING lot_id
          NUMBER auction_id


        auction_lots : lot_id -> lots(id0) // <- Will not find 'id0'
        auction_lots : auction_id -> auctions(id1) // <- Will not find 'id1'


How can I widen the scope? How can I differentiate between two attributes with the same name but in different scopes?

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The problem with the references is that they simply cannot be found in that scope, what you could do is introduce a qualified name and use that in your cross-reference and change your grammar accordingly, ie:-

    ID ('.' ID)*;

    name=ID ":" newEntityName=ID "->" refName=[Attribute|QualifiedName];

Now it should be possible to reference by using the qualified ID:

    auction_lots : lot_id -> auctionHouse.lots.id0
    auction_lots : auction_id -> auctionHouse.auctions.id1

If you can't change the grammar like this to make use of the default way Xtext handles names then you would need to look into providing your own qualified names, a great article for that is this Qualified Names Article

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Thank you this solved all of my problems. This is a perfect answer! Oh, but just for reference the model accepted "auctionHouse.lots.id0" rather than "ENTITYS.lots.id0" – Charles Henry Feb 3 '13 at 1:12
thanks, will update my answer to make sure its correct :) – Ian Warwick Feb 4 '13 at 13:44

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