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I'm using Netbeans GUI interface for creating the Swing components.

I've added a JTree to the panel. It appears to be multi-select by default.

Anybody know how in Netbeans I change this to a single-select? I'm not seeing anything exposed in the properties.

Full Answer: Right after "initComponents()" in the constructor, I added the following:

TreeSelectionModel model = jTreeInput.getSelectionModel();

"jTreeInput" is the name of my jTree.

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I don't know how to do it in netbeans, but you could also write a couple of lines of code:

TreeSelectionModel model = yourJTree.getSelectionModel();
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The easiest option is to set it in code:


In Netbeans, JTree has a selectionModel property for this purpose, but requires you to create a custom class derived from TreeSelectionModel with the selection mode set to SINGLE_TREE_SELECTION.

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