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I'm looking for a sensible way to test the SSL Connections my android app is doing. I'm running charlesproxy for debugging iOS Apps, but haven't found a way to get it working yet on android. I see the connection attempts popping up in charles, but can't select them. Any idea?

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Okay, after some tinkering I came up with a good solution. However, it requires a rooted device - and only works sensibly on Android > 4.0. The real source of this is from Dan & David If you have a rooted device, follow these steps:

  1. Setup the Proxy
  2. Copy your proxys certificate to SD-Card of the device
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Install cert from SD card
  4. Install ProxyDroid (Had the best success with it)
  5. Configure ProxyDroid to point to your Proxy - you should be all set!
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