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Is there a method to have the height depending from the width in my xml?

I have some Buttons in a linear layout. The button's widths depending from the device because they fill the screen horizontally. I want to have square buttons and this is my problem. Is there one can help me?

            android:text="@string/b_0xa" />
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You can set the default dimensions to "wrap_content" via xml initially, and when your Activity starts get the display height and width of the button(s) and programmatically change the dimensions based on device size from there – Jade Byfield Jan 26 '13 at 19:12

You can do it easily programatically in your Java code.

Get the width of the button dynamically [using int x = mButton.getWidth()], and then use the value returned to set the height [mButton.setHeight(x)].

P.S. : It is advisable to use LayoutParams to set the height and width of any View. So, instead of using setHeight(), you should use setLayoutParams().

mButton.setLayoutParams(new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(x, x));

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