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I'm writing an application in C and i'm using GTK+ for the GUI part. I was reading about the layout part and how I need to organize my into into grids using vertical boxes and horizontal boxes. However I read on some forum that the use of gtk_vbox_new() function is deprecated. What are the best ways to create a grid so that I can position my widgets using GTK+? Should I use a table and just juggle with that or is there any way that I can position my elements similar to how I position elements in HTML with CSS?

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GtkTable has been deprecated as well, GtkGrid has taken its place, too. Just to warn you about not to go from one deprecated widget to another, if you want to avoid deprecated widgets in general. – Display Name Jan 26 '13 at 20:07

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gtk_vbox_new is deprecated in favor of using gtk_box_new and passing in GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL. If you need a tabular layout, GtkGrid is the way to go (don't use the deprecated GtkTable).

A good way to design your layout is to use Glade. Even if you end up hard-coding the widgets instead of using GtkBuilder, Glade will allow you to quickly layout the widgets and experiment with different designs in real time.

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I will use Glade. Thank you :) – Bogdan Jan 27 '13 at 9:51

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