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I found this topic: How to link directly to an FAQ option expanded and used this script in my website:

   $('.expand_text').each(function() {
      $(this).css("display", "none");
   $('.treenode').click(function() {
      return false;
      if (hash !== undefined && hash.substring(0,1) === "#") {

So now I can provide a link to a particular page which opens with one of the menu items automatically expanded. For example: It is in Greek, but its obvious that you can land on the page with the first menu item expanded. However, if you scroll down a bit you'll notice two three lettered underlined words (sorry again its Greek!). These are links and they don't work! You can right click and select "open in a new tab / window" which will work fine, but the simple left click has been rendered inactive. I think this has to do with the above mentioned script and since I am totally new to all this I would like your help. Thanks

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