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I have this defined in my header file:

typedef struct Code {
   char *data;
   unsigned short size;
} Code;

And these two in my .c file:

typedef struct MemBlock {
   char data[BLOCK_SIZE];
   int bytesUsed;
   struct MemBlock *next;
} MemBlock;

typedef struct CodeSet {
   Code *codes;
   MemBlock *memBlock;
   int size;
   int index;
} CodeSet;

I am trying to set the data in Code with something like:

mySet->codes[mySet->index]->size = 1;

but I get errors everytime I try to use -> after I put codes[]. What would the correct way be to do this?

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You should use -> to access members in pointers to struct. Since an array dereferenced isn't a pointer, it should be accessed with . instead of ->.

Hence the correct syntax would be : mySet->codes[mySet->index].size = 1; since codes[] is an array and not a pointer.

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mySet->codes[mySet->index] is not a pointer, it is a struct Code.

Use mySet->codes[mySet->index].size.

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That was it. Thanks! – hipstersmoothie Jan 26 '13 at 22:38

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