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I have a simple TabControl done using templated RadioButtons and Grids which change visibility when IsChecked on a RadioButton changes, something like this:

<Grid Name="TabGrid">
            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="*" />
        <StackPanel Grid.Row="0" Orientation="Horizontal">
            <RadioButton x:Name="RadioButton1" Content="Latest" Style="{StaticResource TabRadioButtonStyle}" IsChecked="True" GroupName="G1"/>
            <RadioButton x:Name="RadioButton2" Content="Popular" Style="{StaticResource TabRadioButtonStyle}" IsChecked="False" GroupName="G1" Margin="30,0,0,0" />

Now, every grid inside has EntranceThemeTransition defined, something like this:

        <GridGrid.Row="1" Visibility="{Binding ElementName=RadioButton1, Path=IsChecked, Converter={StaticResource BoolToVisibilityConverter}}">
                    <EntranceThemeTransition />

As I understand, the EntranceThemeTransition displays only when the items are first shown. Is there a way to force EntranceThemeTransition to repeat every time the visibility of the Grid changes?

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It is better to use Syncfusion Tabcontrol, which gives a real feel of tab and has entrance theme animation on every tab selection changed.


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Thank you, it's a decent control and I have tried it, but it's in beta and I have noticed some issues with it so I would rather use my own simple tab control. –  igrali Feb 2 '13 at 18:09
Thanks for your comment. May I know what actual problems you faced in it? –  XAML Lover Feb 3 '13 at 9:15
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