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I have two types of controllers in my spring application.

  • View controllers that forward to views to generate HTML
  • API controllers that return JSON directly from the controllers

Both the API and View controllers are part of the same spring dispatcher servlet. Spring 3.2 introduced the @ControllerAdvice annotation to allow for a global location to handle exception.

The documentation implies that @ControllerAdvice will be applied to every controller associated with a Dispatcher Servlet.

Is there a way to configure which controllers @ControllerAdvice will apply to?

For example in my scenario I want a @ControllerAdvice for my View Controllers and separate @ControllerAdvice for my API controllers.

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I do not think this is possible now. If you can make the API and View controllers throw different Exception types, then you could define two different @ExceptionHandlers and achieve what you want.

// For handling API Exceptions
@ExceptionHandler(APIException.class)  // Single API Exception 
@ExceptionHandler({APIException.class, ..., ,,,}) // Multiple API Exceptions

// For handling View Exceptions
@ExceptionHandler(ViewException.class) // Single View Exception
@ExceptionHandler({ViewException.class, ..., ...}) // Multiple View Exceptions

You could use aop to translate the Exceptions coming out of APIs to a standard APIException. See this thread on spring forums.

Hope it helps.

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Your exceptions should not dictate the content-type of your response. Instead check the request's Accept header for what the browser expects.

public @ResponseBody String handleThrowable(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, Throwable ex) throws IOException {


String header = request.getHeader("Accept");

if(supportsJsonResponse(header)) {

    //return response as JSON

    return Json.stringify(responseMap);

} else {
    //return as HTML
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For people that will still find this question:

As from Spring 4 ControlerAdvice's can be limited to Controler's with the specified annotations. Take a look at:


(second half of this article) for more details.

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    public ModelAndView error(Exception ex) {                                
        return new ModelAndView("redirect:/error/m");                


@RequestMapping(value = "/m", produces="text/html")
public ModelAndView error()...

@RequestMapping(value = "/m", produces="application/json")
public Map errorJson()...
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