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I have function that loops every 500ms, and collects date information:

var mlptoday = {};

var timer = setTimeout(today,500);

function today(){
    var d = new Date() = checkTime(d.getDate()); //output: "27"
    mlptoday.year = d.getFullYear(); //output: "2013"
    mlptoday.month = checkTime(d.getMonth()+1); //output: "01"

function checkTime(i) { if (i<10){i="0" + i} return i }

In a different function, I would like to check if the date the user gives as input is either the same day, or after the given day.

An example input may be: 2013.01.27.

I use this snippet of code to achieve what I want:

var remTime = "2013.01.27"; //user input
var remTimeArray = remTime.split('.') //output: ["2013","01","27"]
if (
    !(remTimeArray[0] >= parent.mlptoday.year &&
    remTimeArray[1] >= parent.mlptoday.month) ||
    !((remTimeArray[1] == parent.mlptoday.month) ? Boolean(remTimeArray[2]*1 >= : true)
    //the input date is in the past

As you could probably guess, this does not work. The conditional statement seems to fail me, because if I invert Boolean(...) with an !(...), it will never fire the error, otherwise it always will.

Here's a jsFiddle, where it works at it should:

I need a better way to do this, and I don't want to use any date picker plugins.

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I would compare the dates as integers to avoid complex logic.

var todayConcat = "" + parent.mlptoday.year + parent.mlptoday.month +;
var remTimeConcat = remTime.replace(/\./g, "");
if (remTimeConcat < todayConcat) {
  //the input time is in the past

Just make sure the dates and months always have the leading zero.

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Good one, thanks! :D – DJDavid98 Jan 27 '13 at 0:33

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