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I have a function like

public object getObj(int index,object[] a)
       //what to return??
    return a[index-1];

What should I return if the index is bigger than size? I don't want to return null since null can be an object and I want to be able to distinguish between the cases that index is bigger than size and the object is null itself. How should I use java error handler classes?

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When someone supplies a negative index or an index that is out of bounds, it is definitely a programming error. Programming errors are signaled in Java by throwing unchecked exceptions (i.e. ones deriving from RuntimeException). In this specific case, you should throw IndexOutOfBoundsException.

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Thanks. can I use try catch here? –  Sara Jan 26 '13 at 23:56
It is generally a bad idea to use try/catch for runtime exceptions that signal programming errors. There are exceptions to this rule, but validating array indexes is not usually considered one of them. –  dasblinkenlight Jan 26 '13 at 23:58

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