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I want to have quite portable project with the QtCreator. I may edit only the *.pro file. The *.pro.user should be left untouched. The environment compile by default to a new directory. Unfortunately I have few other files to copy there too. What have I to write in the *.pro file to accomplish it? Is there something quite simple?

If I write my own Makefile (or something), I'll lost integration with the QtCreator. It's not an option.

It is somehow duplicate of this question:
QMake - how to copy a file to the output

However I would prefer to not write custom scripts inside the *.pro file. I would prefer to not use platform specific conditions too.

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possible duplicate of QMake - how to copy a file to the output – smokris Jan 27 '13 at 6:34

Check out the INSTALLS variable for QMake. The only drawback is that it will require you to run make install after a make.

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