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I had to write the small console program shown below for my programming class. Now I have to do this:

Add a multicast delegate that holds all four procedures. Call the procedures using the DynamicInvoke() method.

How would I do that? I tried everything I could think of but can't seem to figure it out. Here is my code. Feel free to do whatever you'd like to it. Any help and explanations are appreciated. Thanks!

Imports System
Module Module1
Dim a, b, result as Integer
Private Delegate Sub myDelegate()
Sub Main()
    Dim ask As myDelegate
    ask = New myDelegate(AddressOf Ask1)
    Dim Multiply1 As myDelegate
    Multiply1 = New myDelegate(AddressOf Multiply)
    Dim Subtraction1 As myDelegate
    Subtraction1 = New myDelegate(AddressOf Subtraction)
    Dim Addition1 As myDelegate
    Addition1 = New myDelegate(AddressOf Addition)
    Dim Division1 As myDelegate
    Division1 = New myDelegate(AddressOf Division)
End Sub
Sub Ask1()
    Console.WriteLine("Enter First Number")
    a = Console.ReadLine()
    Console.WriteLine("Enter Second Number")
    b = Console.ReadLine()
End Sub
Sub Addition()
    Result = a + b
    Console.WriteLine("Added: " & Result)
End Sub
Sub Subtraction()
    Result = a - b
    Console.WriteLine("Subtracted: " & Result)
End Sub
Sub Multiply()
    result = a * b
    Console.WriteLine("Multiplied: " & Result)
End Sub
Sub Division()
    Console.WriteLine("Divided: " & a / b)
End Sub
End Module
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Something like this? ...add this at the end of Main:

    Dim dMultiCast As myDelegate
    dMultiCast = [Delegate].Combine(New myDelegate(AddressOf Addition),
                                    New myDelegate(AddressOf Subtraction),
                                    New myDelegate(AddressOf Division),
                                    New myDelegate(AddressOf Multiply))

End Sub
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Perfect! Thank you so much. I appreciate it. :) – user866260 Jan 27 '13 at 2:00

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