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I am trying to do exercise 2 in chapter 8 of Michael Hartl's RailsTutorial.org. I have added the following to the spec/support/utilities.rb file:

RSpec::Matchers.define :have_title do |message|
  match do |page|
    page.should have_selector('title', text: message)

In my authentication_pages_spec.rb file, I have changed

it { should have_selector('title', text: 'Sign in') }


it { should have_title('Sign in') }

I was expecting this to work fine but when running the test I get this error message:

Authentication signin with invalid information Failure/Error: it { should have_title('Sign in') } NoMethodError: undefined method has_title?' for #<Capybara::Session> # ./spec/requests/authentication_pages_spec.rb:22:inblock (4 levels) in '

I cannot see why it is complaining that there is no method when I believe I have written the method correctly.

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Solved. I restarted the local server and the spork thing (which I still don't fully understand), and it started working. Sorry.

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Are your tests passing? Also, Capybara 2.1 will have a have_title method, just FYI elabs.se/blog/… – CamelBlues Apr 8 '13 at 18:12
As of June 2014 I'm also doing the same exercise and getting the same error, although in other part of it. And, unfortunately, your solution doesn't work for me. – Rafael Eyng Jun 21 '14 at 22:14

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