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void main() {
int frame_number = 0;
do {
    char *filename = "";
    strcpy(filename, "frame_");
    char *frame_id = "";
    itoa(frame_number, frame_id, 10);
    strcat(filename, frame_id);
    strcat(filename, ".bmp");

    FILE* f  = fopen(filename, "rb");
    if (!f) {
        printf("Could not read!");
} while (frame_number < 20);

Whenever I run this I get the error of access violation writing location !!! There are around 40 images in the folder. How to solve this ?

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No memory has been allocated for filename and frame_id. Allocate memory before storing strings using malloc or calloc. Or just declare them as static arrays.

char filename[256]="";
char frame_id[256] = "";
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