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the drop down menu on isnt working correctly. I am able to get it to work when i use Firebug to remove the of visibility: hidden and display:none; then the menu works.

But I can not find in any of the files where to edit it so it stays this way. Tried all the .css files and the .php files

<ul class="sub-menu" style="display: none; visibility: hidden;"> 

is what it looks like when not working and when i put

<ul class="sub-menu"> 

it works fine. but again i can find where to make that change and set it permanently, since its i dont think it is in the css and i have looked in the header.php but this is all it has

    <div id="menuwrapper">
        <ul class="mainnav dropdown">
            if(of_get_option('of_nav1') == 1) { 
                wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'primary', 'container' => false, 'items_wrap' => '%3$s'));
            } else { ?>
                <li <?php if(is_home() ) { ?>class="current-cat first"<?php } ?>><a href="<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('description'); ?>"><?php _e('Home','snapwire'); ?></a></li>
                <?php wp_list_categories('orderby='. of_get_option('of_order_cats') .'&order='. of_get_option('of_sort_cats') .'&title_li=&exclude='. of_get_option('of_ex_cats'));
                wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&exclude='. of_get_option('of_ex_pages'));
            } ?>

so again not seeing where to make the change.

Any assistance would be great.

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Looks like Superfish is supposed to be taking care of showing and hiding the menus, but it's broken (check your console and you'll see it's showing Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined).

The reason it's broken is because it relies on jQuery's $.browser, which isn't available in jQuery 1.9.0. (By the way, it's also breaking fancyBox for the same reason).

See this post where someone has the same problem. The fix that's recommended is including jQuery Migrate.

Another solution is use a lower version of jQuery if you're not relying on 1.9.0 features elsewhere.

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After a lot of trial and error I came to the following simple solution:

Disable superfish.js

Add the following styles:

.current_page_item  ul {

.sub-menu {
    display: none;
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