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My image links are each suppose to be displayed in bullet points. Problem is that it is displaying only one bullet points for all image links, rather than displaying a bullet point for each image link. What am I doing wrong in my php/html?

<table id="tableqanda" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
        <th width="11%" class="image">Image</th>
    <div id="tableqanda_onthefly_container">
    <table id="tableqanda_onthefly" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

                function CreateLink($filename, $type){
 if($type == 'image'){
  return '<a href="previewimage.php?filename='.$filename.'" title="Click to view in New window" target="_blank">'.htmlspecialchars($filename).'</a>';

          foreach ($arrQuestionId as $key=>$question) {
        echo '<tr class="tableqandarow">'.PHP_EOL;
        $img_result = '';
          $img_result = '&nbsp;';
          $img_result .=  '<ul class="qandaul"><li>';
           if(is_array( $arrImageFile[$key] )){
            foreach($arrImageFile[$key] as $filename){
             $img_result.= CreateLink($filename, "image");
            $img_result.= CreateLink($arrImageFile[$key], "image");
           $img_result.= '</li></ul>';

        echo '<td width="11%" class="imagetd">'.$img_result.'</td>' . PHP_EOL;
        echo '</tr>'.PHP_EOL;



Screenshot showing what it looks like at moment:

enter image description here

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You probably want every link to be in a <li> tag:


$img_result.= CreateLink($filename, "image");


$img_result.= '<li>' . CreateLink($filename, "image") . '</li>;
// the other places where you use that function as well...

And make sure the list only starts and ends with the <ul> tag (not the additional <li>)

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