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How would one do the following in NHibernate?

    SELECT  ContactName, ContactTel1, ContactTel2, ContactTel3
    FROM tb_Contact
    WHERE (ContactTel1 LIKE '%6440%') OR
         (ContactTel2 LIKE '%6440%') OR
         (ContactTel3 LIKE '%6440%')

This is what I have, but can't figure out how to do the same with multiple columns.

  all = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Contact)).Add(Expression.Like(pField,  "6440", MatchMode.Anywhere))

Any pointers much appreciated.

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Take a look at the Disjunction expression.

all = session.CreateCriteria (typeof(Contract))
                .Add (
                      Restrictions.Disjunction().Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel1", "6440")
                                                .Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel2", "6440")
                                                .Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel3", "6440")
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That seemed to do it. Thanks. – Chin Sep 22 '09 at 0:57
session.CreateCriteria (typeof(Contract))
                .Add (
                      Restrictions.Like ("Tel1", "6440")||
                      Restrictions.Like ("Tel2", "6440")||
                      Restrictions.Like ("Tel3", "6440")
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I don't think that will work ? – Frederik Gheysels Sep 22 '09 at 6:58
Have you tried? – Sly Sep 22 '09 at 7:26
Indeed, that works as well. Never knew it. thx. – Frederik Gheysels Sep 22 '09 at 9:01
you are welcome :) – Sly Sep 22 '09 at 11:20

You miss the MatchMode...

all = session.CreateCriteria (typeof(Contact))
                .Add (
                      Restrictions.Disjunction().Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel1", "6440", MatchMode.Anywhere)
                                                .Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel2", "6440", MatchMode.Anywhere)
                                                .Add (Restrictions.Like ("Tel3", "6440", MatchMode.Anywhere)
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Jesus, I don't think it is necessary to give the complete detailed code. I think the Disjunction part of my post is the most important one to the topicstarter; that was the missing part. He can write the remaining part of the solution himself, can't he ? We're not monkeys, are we ... – Frederik Gheysels Sep 22 '09 at 6:57

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