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According to the course plan of my university,there's no Python courses. And I'll be taking course like Database,Operating Systems next term , and Computer Network in a year.
I've learned Python myself the other day (not that hard to pick up because I've learned C++ before ).

Now I've got two books about Python. One is Python for UNIX and Linux System Administration, and the other one is Foundations of Python Network Programming. I don't know whether I should learn Python more to arrange system,or to work with the network.

Am I clear ?I'll be grateful to any advice!Any comments about two books will do good ,too!

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If you're talking specifically about books, I'd recommend Wesley Chun's "Core Python Programming" and "Core Python Applications". The first covers the essentials of the language, and provides some examples on comparisons/contrasts between other languages. The second focuses on specific applications of Python to various subjects, including database projects.

If you just want an online tutorial, Zed Shaw's "Learn Python the Hard Way" is excellent, though aimed at more of the beginner programmer.

Perhaps if you refined your answer to something less open-ended and more specific, there could be better answers to your question.

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