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The subject is self-descriptive: I need to subclass the setup.py build command in order to perform additional build steps. However I've failed to find any build command class to inherit from. I've been trying:

class BuildCommandProxy(setuptools.command.build):


class BuildCommandProxy(distutils.command.build):

and even:

class BuildCommandProxy(setuptools.distutils.command.build):

without any success.

UPDATE: looking for how to implement something like this with setuptools.

UPDATE2: I have some custom command implementation:

class CustomCommand(setuptools.Command):
    # ...

What I would like to implement is to pass this command to cmdclass like this:

    "build": CustomCommand,

and then invoke the original build in CustomCommand.run after doing some custom steps.

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Are you passing cmdclass to setup()? Please post relevant parts of setup.py. –  ecatmur Feb 1 '13 at 11:03

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Setuptools does not override the distutils build command itself; only the build_py and build_ext subcommands.

So, to create your own subclass you need to import from the distutils.command.build module, which contains a build class (subclass of Command):

import distutils.command.build

class BuildCommandProxy(distutils.command.build.build):
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