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I have a problem that I have solved for all but one of the cgridview filters, which is a related field.

I am using a solution Seenivasan has supplied but the related field status does not get added to the string.

here is the cgridview :-

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
    'afterAjaxUpdate'=>"function() {
                                                jQuery('#Orders_date_first').datepicker(jQuery.extend({showMonthAfterYear:false}, jQuery.datepicker.regional['id'], {'showAnim':'fold','dateFormat':'yy-mm-dd','changeMonth':'true','changeYear':'true','constrainInput':'false'}));
jQuery('#Orders_date_last').datepicker(jQuery.extend({showMonthAfterYear:false}, jQuery.datepicker.regional['id'], {'showAnim':'fold','dateFormat':'yy-mm-dd','changeMonth':'true','changeYear':'true','constrainInput':'false'}));

        'htmlOptions'=>array('style' => 'text-align: right;width: 60px;')
      //'htmlOptions'=>array('id' => 'order_status_search'),

                  )),"orders_status_name","orders_status_name")//this is the focus of your code


            'email' => array
                'label'=>'Reprint invoice and email to yourself',
                'url'=>'Yii::app()->createUrl("orders/ureprint", array("id"=>$data->id))',


)); ?>

here is the php and js that adds the current filter values to the url.

echo CHtml::button('List Orders',array('id'=>'listelement'));

        var str="&";
    $.each($("#tbl-orders-grid input").serializeArray(),function(i,j){




The other filters, dates and id, work perfectly. They are added to the url above. Status is not.

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Is the relationship between orders and status one-to-many? –  topher Jan 27 '13 at 7:22

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1- you need to define new filters in your model serach() methode for example like


Restaurant is your relation key , name : value from another table related to this fk

2- you have to add value of gridview column like :


          'name' => 'Restaurant.Name',
          'header' => 'Username',
          'filter' => CHtml::activeTextField($model, 'name'),
          'value' => '$data->Restaurant->Name',

This link will help you yii CGridView filter with relations

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