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I have a UIPopoverController that has the DidDismiss wired up:


           popYear.DidDismiss += (sender, args) => {
              Console.WriteLine("Bye bye");

The DidDismiss fires fine when the popover is closed by the user tapping outside the popover.

But, when the popover is closed from with in the viewcontroller that it is hosting, the DidDismiss does not fire:

        tbhCLose.Tapped+= () => {
             PopOver.Dismiss(false); //Won't cause DidDismiss to fire
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send true as parameter to popover.dismis(true) – Ravindra Bagale Jan 27 '13 at 5:24
Jep, that's odd. Apple tends to not fire the events in case the action is not animated. I do not understand the sense but that's how it is. – Krumelur Jan 27 '13 at 9:43
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The DidDismiss does not fire when popover.Dismiss is called.

Better option is to listen to the viewconvtroller's ViewDisappearing and do the updates there"

           var uc = new YearViewController(SelectedYear);
           uc.ViewDisappearing+= (sender, e) => {
              this.SelectedYear = uc.SelectedYear;
           popYear = new UIPopoverController(uc);
           uc.PopOver = popYear;
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