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Here is the code which is in Process.xhtml . We have a "Process" menubar under which we have "Data Report" and "Charts" as subMenuBars We need the label name "Process" in backing bean when we click on either DataReport or Charts .

 <p:submenu label="Process" icon="ui-icon-home"
            <p:menuitem value="Data Report" icon="ui-icon-contact"
                url="DataReport.xhtml" id="DataExport"/>
            <p:submenu label="Charts" icon="ui-icon-star">
                <p:menuitem value="Bar Graph" url="BarChart.xhtml" id="BarChart"/>      
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It can be done by, on the backing bean retrieve the 'parent' component of the current component. – Dipak Chandran P Jan 27 '13 at 5:39
please Kindly let me know how to do it.i am new on this. – user1627561 Jan 27 '13 at 16:15

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