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How to get quantity from receipt instance ?

I have 3 table: receipts, receipt_foods, foods
I want to get columns of receipt_foods, such as quantity, from receipt instance.

class Receipt
  # columns: id, place
  has_many :receipt_foods
  has_many :foods, through: :receipt_food

class ReceiptFood
  # columns: id, quantity, receipt_id, food_id
  belongs_to :receipt
  belongs_to :food

class Food
  # columns: id, name
  has_many :receipt_foods
  has_many :receipts, through: :receipt_food

I want to respond json like that:

{ "receipts": [
  "receipt": {
     "id": 1,
     "place": "supermarket",
     "foods": [ {
        "food": {
           "id": 1,
           "quantity": 12, // how to echo this ?
           "name": "apple" } 
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1 Answer 1

you can get quantity like following

receipt_foods = @receipt.receipt_foods 
receipt_foods.each do |receipt_food|
  puts receipt_food.quantity 
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thanks a lot. :) –  kyktommy Jan 27 '13 at 6:31
@kyktommy Is it solved your problem –  irvgk Jan 27 '13 at 9:27

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