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I am implementing a chat function in my BlackBerry App which is a minor feature compared to the other features the App offers. The mechanism for the chat feature is as follows:

  1. BlackBerry App sends a message to the server over a webservice
  2. Server communicates by replying or sending a message to a web service
  3. Web service routes the message received from the server to the BlackBerry App as a Push message.

I have never worked with Push messages and so need help starting this. I am able to send a message to the server over a web service. How do I set the Push Message which is to be received inside the App? I have received my BlackBerry Push Service Evaluation Credentials from RIM. How should I now register with these credentials? Do I need to register by writing a registration source code inside my development environment (Eclipse with BlackBerry Plugin) or do I need to do anything at the server end (web service to route the message). What should I start with? I have gone through this document but I will be glad if somebody can help me with a basic overview and how to get started.

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been there, done that. I have everything installed and in order to understand better, trying out a sample application. However stuck in that as well - what is BPS server URL & Push Initiator application URL? Is it where the XXX is to be replaced with the CPID? The link is not helping. A better description as to how to integrate the Push mechanism in an existing app would help. – Sarah Jan 29 '13 at 5:54
That URL is the evaluation Push Proxy Gateway, which is a server managed by RIM used for BIS push. With your credentials, you can use this service for a limited evaluation period. When your web server needs to send a push msg, it communicates with PPG, which finds the device IP based on the PIN, and then relays the push message. Obviously you need a layer in your WS to communicate with PPG using the credentials. Check the sample server app. – Mister Smith Jan 29 '13 at 10:08
One more thing: client blackberry applications also need a set of credentials. Using the push API and the credentials, client apps should register themselves in the push service for them to be able to receive push messages. That is how PPG is able to find devices later. – Mister Smith Jan 29 '13 at 10:12
@MisterSmith where do I need to specify the PPG URL when sending a message from the server side to the App. I wrote a simple server side code here <… > and while the method executes, the device never receives the message. I did not specify the PPG URL though. Can you help with this please? Still struggling with push messages in BlackBerry. – Sarah Feb 17 '13 at 13:39

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