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I have this code:

IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.sysdatabases WHERE name='MyDatabase')
   DROP database MyDatabase


But I see this error after executing this query:

Cannot create file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.FARASQL\MSSQL\DATA\MyDatabase.mdf'

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Most likely your database was offline when you tried to DROP it. In such case SQL Server leaves db files on filesystem. It's intentional behavior.

According to DROP DATABASE (Transact-SQL)

Dropping a database deletes the database from an instance of SQL Server and deletes the physical disk files used by the database. If the database or any one of its files is offline when it is dropped, the disk files are not deleted. These files can be deleted manually by using Windows Explorer.

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Drop the database is just to bring it offline. You need to manually delete the mdf and ldf file (see here on how to locate them); then refer to this image:

After that, you can recreate the database.

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