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I have 2 xmls.SourceXml and TargetXml

I am importing some elements of an xml into another xml.

That is all good however Some Elements I just need to change the name. What I am currently doing I am building the element from scratch with the only difference is the name of the xml.

Let me give you an example.

In my Source Xml I have an element called


In My Target xml should be called NewBank with the children element that are exactly the same


This is what I do:

    public static void ReplaceNewCustomerDetails(this XDocument xDoc)
        XElement oldBankElement = GetOldBankElement(xDoc);

       var newBakXml= new XElement("NewBank",
                     new XElement(oldBankElement.ElementOrDefault("SortCode")),
                     new XElement(oldBankElement.ElementOrDefault("AccountNumber")));

       //Build new xml. This is what I do
       var newXml = new XElement("MyNewXml");

      //I wish I could just change the name of the xml rather then building it again
       var newXml = new XElement("MyNewXml");

Any suggestion or more elegant solution


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You don't need to create new elements - just pass existing:

var newBakXml = new XElement("NewBank", 

Or simply change name:

oldBakElement.Name = "NewBank";
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thanks.I did try that but did not work ,wonder what I did. –  user9969 Jan 27 '13 at 8:02

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