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I'm using postmarkapp's inbound service to receive JSON formatted emails on a web hook. In my case I have an EmailController that accepts an HTTP POST to store the mail.

It is setup as such:

Route::group(array('before' => 'auth'), function()
    Route::resource('emails', 'EmailController');

I need the route group to not filter the POST relating to the store action on the controller. I've tried using:

array('before' => 'auth', 'except' => 'post')
array('before' => 'auth', 'except' => 'store')

So I'm really not sure where to do this. In the filter itself maybe ? Also, do I use the action name or the HTTP verb when doing the exception ?

As an extra: I'm also not entirely comfortable with just opening the route action to everybody like that. Any ideas on how to ensure that only postmarkapp posts there?


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I'm not sure, but maybe you can place the POST-related route outside the group? – Hendrik Jan Jan 28 '13 at 16:47
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Create your own filter and add the proper logic to it. For example:

Route::get('test', ['before' => 'foo']);

Route::filter('foo', function($route, $request) {

    if ($request->getClientIp() === '')

    if ($request->getMethod() === 'POST'))



You can also create filter classes for more complex filters. Read the section in

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