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I've been working on this problem for a while, and i'm stumped :(

I have one svg which contains some buttons i've made. Then in another svg I have a chart with various lines or svg:path's. When I click a button, I want a specific line to change color. I have the following code:


... some attributes here ...

   .on("click", function() 

//right now i'm just selecting all the paths                                          
//because i want to check to see if it works 

                .style("stroke", "red");


Any ideas why this doesn't work? You can view my code here if you need more info about how i'm structuring everything (i'm a beginner at javascript, html and css so sorry if my code isn't very clear or concise)

Thanks for any and all help :)

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selectAll("svg.path") selects all svg elements that have a class path. Not sure if that is what you really want. If you want to select all path elements within the svg elements, you should say: selectAll("svg path").

I couldn't find the variable linechart in the link you provided. If linechart refers to the selection of svg elements, than simply saying linechart.selectAll("path") would be sufficient.

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