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I have some HTML like this:

<dd class="price">
    <sup class="symbol">&#36;</sup><span class="dollars">58</span><sup class="cents">.00</sup>

What's the xpath to get $58.00 back as one string?

I'm using PHP:

$xpath = '?????';
$result = $xml->xpath($xpath);
echo $result[0];   // want this to show $58.00, possible?
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These are valid in your case, check for more detail the links below;

$html = '<dd class="price">
            <sup class="symbol">&#36;</sup><span class="dollars">58</span><sup class="cents">.00</sup>
$dom = new DOMDocument();
$xpt = new DOMXpath($dom);
foreach ($xpt->query('//dd[@class="price"]') as $node) {
    // outputs: $58.00
    echo trim($node->nodeValue);
// or
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($html);
$res1 = $xml->xpath('//dd[@class="price"]/sup');
$res2 = $xml->xpath('//dd[@class="price"]/span');
// outputs: $58.00
printf('%s%s%s', (string) $res1[0], (string) $res2[0], (string) $res1[1]);
  1. DOMDocument
  2. DOMXPath
  3. SimpleXMLElement
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So, worked for you? – Qeremy Jan 30 '13 at 22:00

data() will return all contents inside the current context. Try

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You haven't shown us your code so I don't know what platform you're using. If you have something that can evaluate non-node XPath expressions, then you can use this:

string(//dd[@class = 'price'])

if not, you can select the node,

//dd[@class = 'price']

and the API you're using should have a way of getting the inner text value of the selected node.

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