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I have this code inside ng-repeat:

<a href="#" class="disabled" ng-click="doSomething(object)">Do something</a>

How to make a condition that the button is disabled when it has class="disabled".

How can I make the condition in the HTML using the class,

or is there a way to do it in the javascript that will look like:

  if (!$(this).hasClass('disabled')) {
    do something
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It is not good to manipulate with DOM (including checking of attributes) in any place except directives. You can add into scope some value indicating if link should be disabled.

But other problem is that ngDisabled does not work on anything except form controls, so you can't use it with <a>, but you can use it with <button> and style it as link.

Another way is to use lazy evaluation of expressions like isDisabled || action() so action wouold not be called if isDisabled is true.

Here goes both solutions: http://plnkr.co/edit/5d5R5KfD4PCE8vS3OSSx?p=preview

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so to conclude: ng-click="isDisabled || action()" did the trick –  Alon Jan 27 '13 at 14:02
better: || should be &&, although it works in your plunk, if isDisabled is a method double pipes keep on checking for a valid expression. This is not the case with && –  polyclick Apr 15 '14 at 12:38
@polyclick the logic would then change too. if the isDisabled returns true, then the action() would get called. –  UCJava May 20 at 19:43

You could try to use ng-class.
Here is my simple example:

<div ng-repeat="object in objects">
  <span ng-class="{'disabled': object.status}" ng-click="disableIt(object)">

The status is a custom attribute of object, you could name it whatever you want.
The disabled in ng-class is a CSS class name, the object.status should be true or false

You could change every object's status in function disableIt.
In your Controller, you could do this:

$scope.disableIt = function(obj) {
  obj.status = !obj.status
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