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Let's assumed I have a malware application I got from a device and reversing it using smali or dedexter or dex2jar is ok, but I want to actually debug it and not just perform static analysis.

Is it even possible? I'm not sure how the dalvik VM debugging capabilities work since they should know when single stepping which line of code belongs to which dalvik opcode line, I'm not sure where that meta data resides, anyone has experience with it? Of course i can try dex2jar and create an eclipse project, but I'm looking for a way to do it from dalvik as well, meaning being able to step through dalvik byecode lines.

Couldn't find any open source project that does that, I'm not sure even Ida Pro allows it.

Anyone got a clue?

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I did not try the approach but it's possible. To do that you need to download old versions of apktool 1.4.1 and netbeans 6.8 It's claimed that on newer versions the approach does not work.

You can watch the video here how to do this and read also this article which describes how to perform debugging using smali codes.

I read about the approaches on a popular russian IT webpage. Here are the links to these articles: first and it's extension. If you know russian, there are step by step instructions what to do to perform debugging. If you don't Google Translate can help you to catch the idea.

If you there are some points unclear I'll try to help you with them.

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