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I have this code

<c:set var="salary" scope="session" value='<%= session.getAttribute( "theName" ) %>' />
                    <c:if test="${salary == 121}">
                        <a href="create-news-item">Create News Item</a>
                        <br />

When I change the value of salary to 121 it works. But when I called the value then set it as a value of salary the link doesnt show... How to correclty called the session as an integer value?

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You shouldn't mix scriptlets and EL. This makes no sense. Your scriptlet approach would only implicitly convert it to String via Object#toString() call as done in out.print(Object) method which is called by <%= %>.

In this particular case, you can just use

<c:if test="${theName == 121}">
    <a href="create-news-item">Create News Item</a>
    <br />

EL searches by default for the attributes in page, request, session and application scopes already.

See also:

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