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text file in window, each line end with \r\n, in unix, each line end with \n. Does textarea's post value follow this rule?

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a modified function I've used from php.net commetns to replace \n and \r into one
{or whatever you pass in}

function replaceNewLines($string,$replacement='<br />') 
    return preg_replace("/(\r\n)+|(\n|\r)+/", $replacement, $string); 

$string = "this is \n\n\n a String with many \n\n\r\r returns!"; 

$string = replaceNewLines($string,'');
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If processing is done by php there is a php function called nl2br that will do the trick. It takes two argument, first is your string, second is a bool true for xhtml and false for html.


Example from php.net:

echo nl2br("foo isn't\n bar");
echo nl2br("Welcome\r\nThis is my HTML document", false);

The above example will output (first is xhtml, second plain html):

foo isn't<br />

This is my HTML document
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When you press enter when typing in a textarea, it creates just a \n.

If you want to then display the data (formatted with line breaks) on a page, you need to to a str_replace on the text from your textarea to replace the \n's.

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On Windows with Opera, Firefox and IE7 it ends the text lines with \r\n. I presume in Unix will be only \n, but don't have a system to test now.

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To make it simple: yes

Usually you just want to replace \n by <br /> and that does the trick.

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You only use that replace when placing the result of a post from a textarea in HTML output. However you are correct browser maintain the client platforms newline character sequence. –  AnthonyWJones Sep 21 '09 at 14:16

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