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Good morning

I'm trying to create a chat application which works in your LAN. I believe I've got everything working except for one little detail: incoming messages don't get shown inside the jTextPane.

I've performed a little check upon retrieving said messages (e.g. a jOptionPane which shows the incoming message) and everything works as expected: a popup shows the incoming message.

After this happens, the message is supposed to be displayed upon the jTextPane by using the observer pattern. Messages that you sent yourself are also displayed in this very way, except they do get shown. Both incoming and outgoing messages follow almost exactly the same route troughout the program yet incoming messages aren't shown whereas outgoing are.

Could someone help me figure this out? Below you will find the route an incoming message performs from the point of receiving to displaying (from a Client POV). If you'd like a clearer outlook, here's the full source code.

private void initiateIO() throws IOException {
        outbound = new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), true);
        inbound = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream()));

private void processConnection() throws IOException {
        String message = "Connection established! - Client";

        while (!(message.equalsIgnoreCase("quit"))) {
            message = retrieveMessage();

        sendMessage("Connection interrupted!");

public String retrieveMessage() throws IOException {
        String mess = inbound.readLine();
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, mess);
        return mess;

public void setNewIncomingMessage(String message) {
        for (Observer obs : observers) {

public void newServerMessage(String message) {

public void addServerMessage(String message) {
    displayMessage(this, "Server >>>\t" + message);

private void displayMessage(final PersonalTextPane pane, final String data) {
                new Runnable() {
                    public void run() {
                        String log = pane.getText();
                        pane.setText(log + "\n" + data);

In order to illustrate what happens, here's a picture. This is a server trying to communicate with a Client. The servers sees its own messages, it can see messages from the client appear in a messagebox, but it doesn't see them in the jTextPane area.

enter image description here

This problem occurs both as a server and client: the incoming message is never shown.

Can someone tell me what I am overlooking?

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@nos: messages are sent using outbound.println(message). –  Jeroen Vannevel Jan 27 '13 at 12:04

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I've discovered the problem on my own. I had already determined that the fault lies within the use of my observer implementation, I just didn't know where it went wrong. After some more researching I noticed my list of observers was empty instead of having one value (the jTextPane).

The next step was obviously trying to figure out why this was empty. When I looked at my code again I noticed I added the textpane as an observer before I connected as either Client or Server. In my Connection method I had the following code

public void addObserver(PersonalTextPane pane) {
        if (isClient()) {
        } else if (isServer()) {

Which would obviously interfere with this: neither Client nor Server were set so an observer would never be added.


Switch the two method calls and I've added an exception to the addObserver method to prevent this from happening again.


Upon testing again, everything is working as expected. A small issue is left behind (your own message is displayed twice, but this shouldn't be too hard to solve.

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