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I have a large SQLiteDatabase that I copy from Assets to SDCard before opening that database. But I seem to be missing something because the Activity that uses that database can query the database before the copy is done, which causes a SQLiteException.

In my constructor I do this:

private DataBaseHelper(Context context) {
    super(context, DB_NAME, null, 1);
    mContext = context;
    DB_FILE_PATH = context.getExternalFilesDir(null);
    try {

    } catch (IOException e) {

The createDatabase method is doing:

public void createDataBase() throws IOException {

        dbExist = checkDataBase();

        if (dbExist) {

        } else {

            try {

            } catch (IOException e) {
                throw new Error("Error copying database");

I think you understand. However, my issue and question is how I can check if the database is completed copy before opening the database? Clearly I'm not doing it correctly now.

Regards, Jonas

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If some operation is very long, you should do that in asn async task and manage all other operation through temporary variable. Async task

my sugegstion is to copy the db from assets in an async task and warn the user (toast or popup) or block the user interation (ex. with a progress dialog) until the Copy is completed.

private boolean isCopyingDb = true inside onCreate()

 private class Copy Db extends AsyncTask<Void, Integer, Long> {
     protected Long doInBackground(Void... ) {
      isCopyingDb = true;
        //copy db

     protected void onProgressUpdate(Integer... progress) {

     protected void onPostExecute(Long result) {
         isCopyingDb = false;
        protected void onPreExecute() {
            pdia = new ProgressDialog(this);
            pdia.setMessage("Doing background..");

in your activity check the status of isCopyingDb. If false, use the db.

edit: block the user with a simple progressDialog.. or implement a progressbar, so the user know how much time he should wait.

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This is a good solution, at least in theory, the only problem is that I do that (using an async task) and that's the reason why I have the problem, eg the copy thread isn't locking up the gui and therefore can a user of the app query the database even though the copy operation isn't finished. That's why I won't mark the question as solved just yet. However, I might have got an idea from this and I will try it and then I might tag this as answered. – Jonas Jan 27 '13 at 17:41
you could block the ui with a progressbar. I edit the answer. – StarsSky Jan 27 '13 at 17:48
Oki, that's okay! Thanks for the idea! Regards, Jonas – Jonas Jan 27 '13 at 20:27

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