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I am using Zend Framework that's why I decided to use "zfdatagrid deploy jqgrid" instead of using jqgrid straight away. I want to have jqgrid with subgrid. Grid is shown ok, but when I click expand button then I get notice "Loading" but nothing happens. I have debugged that "subGridUrl" is called correctly, because debugger hit function where I should select data from MySQL for subgrid, and I tried to pass pure json response (instead of selecting from MySQL) but still subgrid is not shown. Maybe I don't understand what response must be? My response:

$responce = new stdClass();
$j = json_encode($responce);
echo $j;
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Sorry, my bad. But instead of deleting my question, I will explain my mistake incase somebody else will do the same...

I made a mistake declaring "subGridModel". Instead using array:

    'caption' => 'test report',
    'subGrid' => true,
    'subGridUrl' => $this->view->url(array('controller'=>'report','action'=>'indexstoragebalancesubgrid'),'default', true),
    'subgridtype' => 'json',
    'loadonce' => false,
    // next line where problem fixed
    'subGridModel' => array(array("name" => array("ID", "Title", "Code", "Quantity"), "width" => array(10,55,200,80)))

I wrote string:

'subGridModel'=>'[{name : ["ID", "Title", "Code", "Quantity"], width : [10,55,200,80]}]'

And that's why it did not work in javascript.

By the way, you can see that I wrote array in array. That is because with one array ZFDataGrid generates such javascript:


instead of this:


It is important for jqgrid subgrid to work!

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