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A logged on user (session based) has a grid of his last transactions :

policyNum | someInfo
    1000        ...
    2000        ...
    3000        ...
    5000        ...

When he clicks on a line ( the first line for example ( total=1000)) , he can see the details. (the result from server is json).

       items    | someInfo
        100        ...
        300        ...            //100+300+600=1000
        600        ...

How I'm getting the data ?

I collect the data (policyNum ) into js object and send it to the server via jQuery ajax.

however , the user can change the ajax request and seek for details for policies which he doesn't own.

I dont want to run the sql query and then to find out that he doesn't belong those fake number policies.

I want to stop it sooner.

How can I implement it ?

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I suppose, you could encrypt the policyNum on the server. And from the JS, send to server the encrypted policyNum.
On the server you would easily decrypt it, and get the actual policyNum.

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