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This query returns the OID of the function whose name and signature is supplied:

  select 'myfunc(signature)'::regprocedure::oid;

But is there something in PostgreSQL plpgsql like a myNameAndSignature() function so we could use dynamic sql to build a statement that gets the OID of the function and then creates a temporary table with the OID appended to the name of the temp table?
The statement to execute dynamically is:

create temp table TT17015

I'm new to PostgreSQL, and maybe there's a better way to handle naming of temporary tables so the functions that use temp tables, and call each other, don't get the error that a particular temp table it is trying to delete is in use elsewhere?

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Using the OID of a function does not necessarily prevent a naming conflict. The same function could be run multiple times in the same session.

If you are in need of a unique name, use a SEQUENCE. Run once in your database:


Then, in your plpgsql function or DO statement:

    _tbl text := 'tt' || nextval('tt_seq');
    EXECUTE 'CREATE TEMP TABLE ' || _tbl || '(id int)';

Drawback is that you have to use dynamic SQL for dynamic identifiers. Plain SQL commands do not accept parameters for identifiers.

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Good idea, and thanks for the caveat that dynamically created tablename can be used only in a dynamic SQL statement. – Tim Jan 28 '13 at 12:20

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