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I have a source table and destination table in different databases

Both tables have the same column structure.

Some of the columns are of type CLOB.

I am using db2 export command to export the data of the source table into .dat file. The delimiter is '|'

And then using import command to import the data from .dat file into destination table.

import from $TEMP_DIR/TO_IMPORT.dat of del modified by KEEPBLANKS dateformat=\"YYYY-MM-DD\" timeformat=\"HH:MM:SS\" timestampformat=\"YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.UUU\" chardel0x01 coldel|  COMMITCOUNT 1000 messages $LOG_DIR/to_import.log insert into MY_SCHEMA.MY_TABLE

However, during import I am getting errors on CLOB columns.

How to deal with CLOB columns during import. Or, if change in export is needed, what is the change?

Thanks for reading!

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It would have been easier if you had specified what exact error you are getting.

Typically if your LOB is greater than 32K you need to export it in a separate file and use that file along with your base file during import. You will have to use the LOBS FROM /Location/File and modifier LOBSINFILE while export.

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