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So, I have a player class with basic actions. During the gameplay he unlocks new abilities. I don't know how to store new actions within the player class. To be precise - I know how, but my method is too messy and i want to clean up code. Also, I want to add to the enemies some of those abilities. In other words, every game entity(expect walls, perhaps :D) should have a collection to which i can add methods that extend entity functionality. How do i make this? Sorry, if my question is too abstact

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Maybe an enum with the [Flags] attribute. So EntityCanDo = Functionality.Jump | Functionality.Run or a list of actions? – Cyral Jan 27 '13 at 14:03
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Create an action dictionary:

public Dictionary<string,Action> NameActionDic = new Dictionary<string,Action>();

Then you can populate it like this:

player.NameActionDic["jump"] = ()=>{ player.velocity.Y -= 5; };

And use like this:

if (KeyboardButtonPressed(Keys.ArrowUp))  // this is just an example

Just put the population code somewhere on the outskirts (separate void method, maybe player's constructor), or it will interfere with your edit and continue ability, because it's a lambda expression.

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Oh, seems like it what I looking for! Thank you! – edwing Jan 27 '13 at 15:35

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