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I would like to split the string: "Hello[You]All"

to the following array:


I tried to do it with split:

my $str = "Hello[You]All";
my @list = split(/(\[.*?\]|.)/, $str);

foreach (@list) {
    print "->$_\n";

Since I tried something that split is not supposed to do, it gave me the following array:


Next step I need to take is to remove the empty spaces.

While it is not the best solution it is the only one I found, without anything too messy. I'm posting here to ask if anyone knows a better way to solve this task?

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my $str = "Hello[You]All";
my @list = $str =~ /(\[.*?\]|.)/g;

foreach (@list) {
    print "->$_\n";

Which is to say: you don't need to split on the pattern you're using (which causes those empty elements, because they're the actual text that's been split out using your pattern as a divider); you just need to extract all matches for your pattern. Which doing a global (/g) pattern match in array context does.

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You could grep the results for non-empty elements;

my @list = grep /./, split(/(\[.*?\]|.)/, $str);


my @list = $str =~ /\[.*?\]|./g;
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While I also think chaos' answer is the right one here, for completeness, here is one way of achieving what you want using split and grep:


use strict;
use warnings;

my $x = "Hello[You]All";
my @x = grep { defined } split qr{(\[.+\])|}, $x;

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper \@x;

Using this pattern, split splits either on characters within brackets (you did not mention if "a[]b" is a valid input) or the empty string and the grep filters on definedness rather than truth value.

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